Packaging automation

Extron-Mecanor offers packaging automation solutions and machines for numerous types of pipe and profile packages. Extron-Mecanor packaging automation solutions can be used for a wide range of plastic pipes, rain gutters, building- and conduit profiles. Products can be packed as tight bundle in frames or freely in a sleeve bag.

Extron-Mecanor packaging solutions protect and ease handling of the product.

Extron-Mecanor’s range of machines includes

  • MECATURN for turning and stacking of big and heavy pipes
  • MECASTRAP for stacking and strapping of small pipes and profiles
  • MECABAG for stacking and sleeving with film of pipes and profiles
  • MECABAG for combination of strapping and sleeving
  • MECAPACK for robotized palletizing of pipes and pipe fittings

All MECANOR packing machines are capable of being equipped with quality control, weighing, marking and labelling as an option.

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