Our company’s reputation is based on high quality machines, with long service-life and minimized down-time. On top of our standard products, we can offer innovative custom-designed automation and modernization solutions. We provide also start-up training and service support to help customers with start-up and maintenance.

Extron-Mecanor Milestones 2016

Extron-Mecanor Milestones 2016

Expertise for the Plastics Industry

Extron-Mecanor is a pioneering company that has nearly forty years of experience in designing and manufacturing high-tech machinery for the world leading companies in plastics industry. We have a track record of hundreds of successfully built machinery and production lines for the extrusion coating, blow film and plastic pipes, profiles and pipe fitting factories.

Customer focus and joint development

We supply production lines and separate units to meet the exact requirements of the customer as well as top-level usability. We focus on customer’s demands offering tailor made solutions. Our success as a company is based on fulfilling customer’s expectations by joint developing machinery for specific purposes together with the customer.

Innovation and value adding approach

As a long-term player in the market, we have a broad know-how of our customer’s processes. Based on that we offer practical and innovative solutions.