Peel off tester

Peel Off Tester, peel strength testing device in field use

Peel off tester is for adhesion testing of coated steel pipes. To ensure the quality of the coating, standards require peel strength tests to be done on the coating. High pulling capacity allows for peeling off coating even in case of extremely high peel strength.

Device allows for testing in both circumferential and longitudinal direction of pipe.

Construction with linear travel makes it possible to do a variety of force-distance measurements, for example a tensile test.

Software format output enables creation of professional reports and presentations.

Recorded data is used in analysis or quality control, for instance, adhesion of plastic coating onto a steel pipe.
The device consists of measurement equipment and necessary hardware as well as software for storing test data and creating reports.

The device can be carried out to test in different environments.

Peel-Strength Tester Peel-Strength Tester Peel Off Tester

Force, NSpeed, mm/minWidth of sample, mmStroke, mmPipe Ø, mm
up to 300010-60up to 40280circumferential 168
longitudinal 200


Peel Off Tester