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Modernisation adds intelligence to production line

Common reasons for modernising production lines are improving productivity and reliability, and option to transfer staff to smarter jobs. In other words, savings.

Lifespan of electric and automatic equipment isn’t as long as of cold iron.

Old machinery

  • Has problems with availability of components and spare parts
  • Many components are programmed with non-updatable programs
  • Even if components could be updated programs aren’t available
  • People who’d know the programming language for customizing programs and ensuring compatibility just can’t be found.

For example working life of an extruder can be doubled. Automation is usually the weakest link; even if components are made for industrial production they don’t last forever. With regular maintenance an extruder can be given another twenty years of working life.

Even better reasons

Updating machinery 15-20 years old or even older brings noticeably better technique to production. Frequency converters and electric motors have been improved, equipment intelligence has grown, more information and better reports can be printed out. In addition new systems need noticeably less energy.

Energy consumption can be measured and thus decrease of CO2 emissions can be proven. Concretely. Measure the old system performance before modernisation, new system measures energy consumption automatically.

Remote monitoring

With update of systems and controls remote monitoring and remote control are often added. Some of maintenance activities can be done remotely, but troubleshooting also gets easier. For example detrition of motor bearing can be detected by motor’s increased energy consumption. Thus maintenance breaks can be planned beforehand.

Extron-Mecanor has 40 years of experience in producing and developing plastics machinery

Extron-Mecanor is combination of solid blow film production expertise of Extron Engineering Oy and comprehensive plastic pipes and profile handling competence of Mecanor Oy.  As a long-term player in the market, we have a broad know-how of our customer’s processes. Based on that we offer practical and innovative solutions.

Come to meet us at K-MESSE Düsseldorf 19.10 – 26.10.2016, stand 11 F 26.

k-fair extron-mecanor

Published in LinkedIn 2.9.2016