Open House – event for invited guests (November 7th 2017)

Extron-Mecanor hosted an Open House -event for invited guests in its factory in Akaa, on November 7th 2017. The doors were open the whole day gathering more than 20 people to get acquainted with Extron-Mecanor staff and especially new products. The whole Extron-Mecanor staff from technicians to the managing director Mr. Hannu Heman were there welcoming the guests.

There were a couple of new products from Extron-Mecanor on display making the Open House event a product launch for the novelties. The brand-new products were seal-inserting machines for corrugated pipes: Mecaring DW 110-250 (pipe diameter 110-250 mm), Mecaring DW 500-600 (pipe diameter 500-600 mm). In addition to these, the pipe socketing machine Mecabell MSA 32-160 and the seal ring inserting machine Mecaring A with FS 110 tool were also displayed for the invited guests. All the demonstrated machines are of cutting-edge technology.

Extron-Mecanor staff would like to thank all the participants for joining the Open House -event and wishes a magnificent winter!

Mecaring DW 110-250

Mecaring DW 500-600

Mecabell MSA 32-160

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