Calibration tanks

Calibration tanks give the pipe its final shape and size. High quality calibration tools ensure round pipes with excellent surface and lower overweight of the pipe products.

Pipe Calibration Tanks

The calibration tank can be either of single or double chamber construction. The bottom part of the unit is used as a water reservoir, which ensures precise temperature control in the calibration tank. The temperature of the calibration tank is kept at desired level by a thermostat. The calibration tank is installed to rail tracks, anchored to the workshop’s floor. The longitudinal movement of the calibration tank is motorized.

Vacuum Calibration Tanks

TYPEVCA 63-6VCA 110-6VCA 250-6VCA 400-6VCA 630-6VCA 800-6VCA 1200-6
Pipe diameter Ø, mm10-6320-11050-25063-400110-630250-800630-1200

Spray Cooling Baths

TYPESB 63-10(6)SB 110-10(6)SB 250-10(6)SB 400-10(6)SB 630-10(6)SB 800-10(6)SB 1200-10(6)SB 1600-6(4)
Pipe diameter Ø, mm10-6320-11050-25063-400110-630250-800630-1200710-1600

Pressure Calibration Tanks

TYPEPCA 1200PCA 1600
Pipe diameter Ø, mm400-1200710-1600