Haul-off to pipe line

The haul-off unit grips the pipe over a long length and pulls it at a constant speed. The haul-off consists of a number of pulling belts around the pipe. The pulling belts, which are located under the extrusion axis, are mechanically adjustable and upper ones are driven pneumatically. Haul-off unit can be integrated to line control and centralized fault diagnostics system.

TypeHOC 110/3HOC 250/4HOC 400/4HOC 630/6HOC 800/6HOC 1000/8HOC 1200/10HOC 1600/12
Pipe diameter Ø, mm16-11016-25090-4090-630225-800250-100040-1200560-1600

Haul-Off_Extron-MecanorVetolaite 630