Saw for a pipe line

pipe saw unit for large diameterOur Pipe Saw unit can be fully synchronized with extrusion speed. Depending on diameter of pipe, saw unit includes different kinds of cutting equipment. Planetary saw is normally equipped with disk and milling cutter and the suction device is with double filter and sound proofing.

Pipe cutting equipment
Pipes with a diameter over 160 mm are usually cut to the standard length.

Circular saws
Circular saws are meant for cutting pipes of outer diameter up to 250 mm.

Planetary saws
The planetary saw is delivered as a single cut unit. By request any planetary saw can be equipped with two-step cutting heads. The initial cut is executed by disk saw and the final operation by cutting blades. In that way ingress of sawdust inside the pipe is prevented.

TypePLS 250PLS 400PLS 630PLS 800PLS 1200PLS 1600
Pipe diameter Ø, mm32-25063-40090-630110-800400-1200560-1600

Pipe saw unit