Boost your performance with Extron-Mecanor Solutions

Training services

Do you get the maximum performance from your production lines?

Added value of your products depends on motivated and skilled employees. Ensure better knowledge, better performance and therefore better production quality with our training courses.

You achieve that with:

  • Theoretical and practical training by experts on technology, operation and maintenance practices.

The training courses are held either at your site or in our office. The theory is explained in a classroom while the practical training takes place on your line so the employees have better understanding of theories. Training materials are provided for each course.

Process Surveys

Do you know your process capabilities?

You may need a second opinion from an original equipment provider to assist you in making the evaluation. Optimize your process efficiency. Process competencies of your personnel. Develop an action plan to keep and improve the process condition.

You achieve that with:

  • Survey on-site performed by expert
  • Current situation report
  • Conclusions and improvement proposals
  • Line Performance Review

Technology Services

Do you need support to start or update your production?

You want to speed up the start of commercial production or to improve the production quality and need to make a proper choice of equipment or save on material and time. Maybe even fast startup of commercial production and secured production quality.

You achieve that with:

  • Know how transfer and improvement proposals
  • Personnel’s improved understanding of the process and raw materials

Other Extron-Mecanor Services

  • Do you need support to install new machinery, perform annual maintenance, change spare parts?
  • You are looking for fast and precise installation of equipment or faultless performance of lines. Maybe even outsourcing of maintenance of the lines?

You achieve that with:

  • Our experienced personnel on site for installation works
  • Our outsourced maintenance service by experts in plastic industry
  • Fast end precise execution of works with just-on-time delivery of spare parts